The DYNAMIXEL enables anyone to easily and conveniently make a robot.

Why Y

What is ?

DYNAMIXEL is a brand of robot actuator developed by ROBOTIS for use in any robotic system. The name “DYNAMIXEL” is derived from two words - “Dynamic” and “Cell”, which when combined together become all-in-one robot actuator.

- All-in-one actuator with a variety of elements required to drive a robot without other devices.
- We offer various source codes and tools to help first timers with DYNAMIXEL to operate a robot within a day.
- DYNAMIXEL is compatible with any system or controller. All you need is power and communication to operate a robot made with DYNAMIXEL.


Wide Variety of DYNAMIXELs

- Select from a wide variety of models to best suit your system’s needs based on torque, velocity, and command signals.
- ROBOTIS offers a diverse product line-up of robot actuators, from low-cost models for beginners to high-performance models for professionals.

Data Feedback and Control Modes

- Different Modes for Position Control, Velocity Control, Current (Torque) Control, PWM Control, and more.
- Real-time feedback for position, velocity, current (torque/load), temperature, voltage, hardware status, and more are available through the DYNAMIXEL firmware.
- Full PID Control for Position and Velocity allows users to fine-tune motions

Daisy-Chain Communication

- Control each DYNAMIXEL by sending data packets through a single shared communication bus.
- Every DYNAMIXEL can be connected by daisy-chaining to an available connector on another DYNAMIXEL. Only one cable connection to the controller and power is required.
- Supports RS-485 and TTL networks (half-duplex/asynchronous)

Supported in Various Development Environments

- GUI based software “RoboPlus” developed by ROBOTIS (RoboPlus also referred to as R+)
- SDK, source code, and libraries for Windows, Linux, Mobile environments
- C/C++, PYTHON, JAVA, MATLAB, LABVIEW, ROS and various development environments

Universal Assembly Structure

- A selection of optional frames are available to enable simple construction of robot designs
- CAD data for products available online to enable design of custom parts and robots.


DYNAMIXEL-X series is the newest line of high-performance, networked smart actuator models, which have been widely used for building multi-jointed robots. The uniform physical footprint allows for reliable design and expandability.


- DYNAMIXEL-P series is the premium smart actuator solution for full-scale robots
- Industrialized Smart Actuator with all-in-one design (no outboard hardware needed)
- High Weight-to-Torque Ratio (0.05Nm/g)
- Supports high-precision motor control of position/speed/current and more (over 500,000 position steps per revolution)


- High Performance Frameless motor
- Multi-turn Absolute Encoder
- Integrated Electric Brake for Safety
- Integrated Dynamixel Drive(DYD)
- Compact & Simple Design with Hollow Shaft
- Dynamic Motor Controller


- Extreme precision, novel cycloidal gearbox
- Flexible integration with NEMA(National Electrical Manufacturers Association) sizing
- Choose from a range of gear ratios and configurations
- High Impact Resistance & Durability
- Compatible with multiple industry-standard networks

DYNAMIXEL Controller

- Various development tools : DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0, R+Task3.0, Arduino IDE
- Open Source Hardware and Software (Open product lineups only)
- Compatible with Arduino Shields (OpenRB-150, OpenCR)

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