Our new DYNAMIXEL-Y series is scheduled for release soon!
These new series will be unveiled in a systematic order, with the initial release featuring the motor, encoder, and controller option.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at contactus2@robotis.com

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DYNAMIXEL-Y is a next-generation product developed based on the excellent features of DYNAMIXEL.

Featuring high RPM and precise positional control, DYNAMIXEL-Y allows the creation of fast and accurate systems.
The availability of integrated electronic brakes and DYD Cycloidal gear reducers also offers increased safety and reliability.

DYNAMIXEL-Y is an innovative solution that builds upon the advantages of the existing DYNAMIXEL, while further enhancing performance.


Variety of options available for each model

Options for Motor size, gear reduction, and integrated brakes can be selected based on speed and performance requirements.



High performance frameless motor offers direct-drive, high torque motion control.


The integrated absolute magnetic encoder allows multi-turn position information to be retained even after complete power off.

Electronic Brake

Equipped with electronic brakes for enhanced safety, preventing unexpected movements during power loss or shutdown.


Integrated DYD Cycloidal gear reducer offers a wide range of available reduction ratios, with low backlash and high impact resistance.

Compact design provides high flexibility, with use cases including multi-jointed motion systems, linear actuators, servo cylinders and more.

DYNAMIXEL-Y Applications

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