High Durability and Strong Rigidity

High Impact Resistance

High Precision

Variable Gear Ratio

High Efficiency & Low Backlash

Lightweight & Compact Gear Module


High-Performance Frameless Motor

Multi-turn Absolute Encoder

Integrated Electric Brake for Safety

Integrable DYNAMIXEL Drive (DYD)

Compact & Simple Design with Hollow Shaft

Direct Drive Motion Control


High Power, High Precision and Low Backlash

All-in-One Modular Design

Compact and Lightweight

Torque Control Based on Current Sensing

High Resolution with Combination of Incremental Encoder and Contactless Absolute Encoder


Improved Heat Sink Featuring an Aluminum Case

Compact Size & Design with Improved Torque

Enhanced Durability and Expansibility

Hollow Back Case Minimizes Cable Stress

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